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Thai Compress Body Massage One-Day Diploma Course:

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Thai Style Compress Massage - Payment Options

Please book early to avoid disappointment - a maximum of 6 students can be booked onto each course, to ensure that you get the optimum learning experience, and individual attention.

Cost: £150 (Please pay in full or £50 deposit, final balance of £100 no later than 14 days before course)

We are a recognised and accredited College and training school by the Guild of holistic therapies.

Our Diploma courses enable you to practice professionally and gain membership and insurance.

Thai Compress Massage aims to loosen blockages and restore the body’s natural equilibrium and balance. It also relaxes the muscles and stimulates the flow of both blood and lymph. Compresses are excellent for stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments; back pain; arthritis; chronic pain or injury; disorders of the internal organs; skin diseases, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety. A Hot Herbal Compress adds to these benefits the healing effects of therapeutic herbs in patting, pounding and kneading actions. This traditional treatment has been practised to soothe muscle tension and stiffness in key areas. The combination of heat and medicinal herbs, is absorbed by the body to help reduce aches.

The indigenous, organic herbs which include ginger root, turmeric, camphor, lime flowers, borneol, citrus hystrix, and cinnamon, along with the main ingredient of lemon grass, are antioxidants, natural skin softeners, hydrants and refiners.

Everything you need to learn Thai Hot Herb Massage is included in this course. You are free to purchase other materials for massage if you wish, but that is not necessary to complete this course.

Includes - Full set of compresses for a full treatment, 2x 200g, 2x 100g, 2 x 85g

Benefits of Thai Compress Massage:

Course Benefits:

Do I need to bring anything?
- A packed lunch
- A bottle of water
- Hair band for long hair
- Towels to sufficiently cover your body for massage (dark as herbs can leach)
- You may be required to bring a model

* We also offer a home study course in anatomy and physiology.

Thai Style Compress Massage - Payment Options
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